Boards Committees




Board Of Adjustments


Blazen,  Carl


Brown,  Lila

Allen, Dickie


Maldonado III,   David


Rodgers,  Susie



Municipal Development District

Allen,  Mary Bruce

Anderson, Cynthia

Hernandez, Georgina

Turner, Pat

Worrell, James


Economic Development  Corp.

               Floyd,  Danny

               Milliorn, Allison

               Otis MaClay

               Pat Turner

               Barksdale, Shannon              

               Thompson, Jeffery

                Laurie Long


                 Crystal Sikes







Planning and Zoning





          Rodgers,  Allen

          Christopher Simons

          Scheidler,  Jane

          Lynch, Brian

          Zeke Hamilton


"The City of Bertram is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

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