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Keeping You Informed

 The City of Bertram Mayor, Council members  and  staff, have discussed building a website for our City

 the past year.  However, we did not have the funds to have a website built from an outside party.   The construction

and hosting was too expensive.  So we come up with an alternative plan, we would build our own.  Using

one of the Build Your Own Web Sites, with the templates that you add your information, thus you see

the new City of Bertram Website. With only a cost of $30 for a one time set up fee and a monthly hosting cost of $16.95, we can now give our citizens a website.

The intent of our new website, is keeping our citizens informed.  Instead of hearing rumors, that change with each recital, you can go to the City's website and read what is happening with your City government.

Some of the things we will cover in our Citizen Updates page, projects the City is currently doing,  or

explanations of WHY certain decisions were made.  

We also wanted the Citizen's of Bertram to have the convenience a website can provide.  You will be able

to print out forms and permit applications, information fact sheets, from your own computer.  You can

also email the City Staff from this website, with questions, requests, or comments.  

Notice the back ground color on the website, the maroon was chosen to represent the colors of the Bertram School District we once had (Go Panthers). Send the City of Bertram  an email and let us know what you think of your new website, so often the only time we hear from our citizen's is when something is wrong.  



The City of Bertram completed in Oct. 2013 refinancing three existing USDA loans.  These loans had been

taken out in previous years.   One was to finance phase one of the sewer plant.   The second  USDA loan was to finance piping the water from Burnet to Bertram.   And the third USDA loan was to add an additional well in Burnet.  These loans were taken out when interest rates were higher and each note had a 40 year term.  And in addition USDA required the city to keep in a separate account for each note an equivalent of one years payment, which could not be touched.   The City refinanced all three with bonds with the help from Wells Nelson and Associates, LLC and Regions Bank, who bought the bonds.  Total amount refinanced was 1.63 Million at an interest rate of 3.64%  saving the City over the life of the new loan $542,224.67 .   In addition to the savings the City was able to cut ten years from the length of the loans.

The City is currently working on phase two expansion of the sewer plant.  When Phase one was put in, there was financing put aside for phase two.  The time limit had almost run out on the reserve of the financing by USDA.  The city had also reached the maximum amount of sewage to be pumped through the sewage plant in it's existing state.  If the expansion had not been done, the City of Bertram was facing a fine of $1,000 per day, for every day the expansion was not completed.  

Phase two is within days of completion (looking for March 3,  2014) it is on time and on budget.  This expansion will last the City of Bertram for many years.


Vaughan Street Repaving Project

Each year the city chooses a street for resurfacing.  This years project is West Vaughan Street, from FM 243 to Hwy 29 (by the swimming pool).    Burnet County Precinct 3 provides the man power and the machinery for the project.  Bertram provides the materials, which we pay for from 1/4 % sales tax, which is set up for only streets maintenance.  We had several things go our way this year.  First sales inside the city limits were up,  second we did a smaller project last year which left us a small surplus on funds.  A new plant that makes asphalt opened in Burnet, and we were able to purchase the materials for less.  And Precinct 3 gave us an extra day labor and equipment.  

Repaving Vaughan Street


"The City of Bertram is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

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