City Water Department

  Bertram Water Department                                                                      Emergency Contact Information

 Location:  230 East Vaughan Street                                  Phone #:  (512) 355 - 2020

Phone #:  (512)  355 - 2197

Water Dept. Manager

Dewain Everett


                                     Water Rates


   Residential Water Meter  $175.00                                 Commercial Water Meter  $250.00  (minimum)


Sewer Rates:


Calculated annually by water used during the month of December, January and February.

  • Base rate (service availability)   $24.50
  • Billed per 1,000 gallons of water                        0 - 2,001 gallons      $  1.85

                                                                                                          2,001 to 5,000 gallons         $   2.85

                                                                                                          5,001 to 10,000 gallons      $   3.85

                                                                                                          Above 10,000 gallons          $  4.10   

Sewer Tap and Impact Fees:

 1.  Sewer Impact Fee                                                               $ 1,250.00
 2.  Sewer Tap Fee                                                                    $    300.00



Payment Rates and Charges:


All utility bills are due on or before the 15th day of the month.  A 10% penalty will be added to the utility bill after the 15th of each month.  If the 15th day falls on a holiday or weekend, the 10% penalty will be applied on the first day following the day after the holiday of weekend.  Payment in full is due by the last day of the month.


Returned Check Policy:


The City will turn off service immediately upon the notification of a returned check.  If a check that has been given in payment of fees or services is returned unpaid to the City of Bertram for any reason, there shall be a charge of thirty dollars $30.00 for the return check.


Tampering With Meters:


It is prohibited for any person to intentionally open a meter which has been previously closed by the City.


Disconnect/Closed Accounts:


Accounts disconnected for non-payment will have seven (7) days to bring account current.  After the seven (7) days the account deposit on file will be applied to the balance on the account and the account will be closed.  Any past due amount will be turned over to collections after ninety (90) days.  Closed accounts will be required to follow the same guidelines for opening a new account.  A new deposit fee in accordance with fee schedule will be collected, and any past due account must be paid to restore service.


Grievance Procedures:


Any customer or their designated representative shall have an opportunity to voice concerns or grievances to the City by the following means and procedures:


Present concerns to the Mayor or designee for discussion and resolution.  If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, the customer shall present written notification to the City Secretary to appear on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  A request for presentation before the City Council  will not be granted when the customer's only complaint is their financial inability to pay for services rendered when there is no dispute as to the accuracy of the billing of the customer's account or the design and fairness of  schedule.  The City Council shall act upon information available and render a decision accordingly.  The decision of the Council is final.


Credit Card Convenience Fee:


The City will charge a convenience fee of 3% or $3.00, whichever is greater, per transaction for the use of a credit card for the payment of water, sewer and solid waste fees.

For example:  A transaction of $100.00 or less, the fee will be $3.00.  For a transaction greater than $100.00, the fee will be 3% of the transaction amount.


Importance of your Address:


Your Home or Business Must Have a Visible Address:

In an emergency, you need emergency personnel to respond to the correct address as quickly as possible.

The City of Bertram requires visible street address letters and numbers on all structures.  Buildings shall have approved address.  Your address shall be placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.  The numbers shall contrast with the background it is placed on.  Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters.  Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum width of 0.5 inches.


The City of Bertram works closely with Burnet County Addressing Department to establish and maintain accurate addresses that is used by emergency personnel.  The safety of the residents of Bertram cannot be overstated.  You never know when you may be the next one to call 911 for an emergency.


If you have questions about your current or new address please contact:


City of Bertram at (512) 355 -2197

Burnet County Addressing Department at (512) 756 - 5458

"The City of Bertram is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

110 East Vaughan St.  P.O. Box 1604   Bertram, Tx  78605   PH (512) 355-2197     FX (512) 355-3182