New & Prospective Residents


The Painted pictures on the Masonic Lodge building was painted in 2009 by Guy Jeffery Goble, and depicts Bertram's past.


The reason's we move to Bertram:

 Some of us are looking for that small town atmosphere, while others seek a place that is easier

on the budget.  They look at the dollar value in homes, renting or buying, they are getting more

home for their buck.  The cost of living is cheaper, ie: utilities, property taxes, draws attention

our way.  While others are looking at our schools,  and some like the sense of community,

with our small hometown feel.  Through church, school activities, sports, and yes the

many volunteer groups and committee's that will welcome your with open arms.  Others

seek to devote more time to what's important, cherish the slower pace of life that our small

town offers.  The most important thing on every ones mind is a sense of security, with a

low crime rate, and a local City Police Department.  Peace of mind that comes with a well

trained and equipped Volunteer Fire Department that protects the surrounding communities

as well as the City of Bertram and an EMS substation located in town.


"The City of Bertram is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

110 East Vaughan St.  P.O. Box 1604   Bertram, Tx  78605   PH (512) 355-2197     FX (512) 355-3182