Utility Providers


Garbage Disposal

Clawson                                    Phone: (512) 746-2000

Web Site:

Electric Service

PEC                                            Phone: (512) 355-2131

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Gas Service

Atmos Gas                                  Phone: 800-621-1867

Emergency                                 Phone: 800-322-8667

Web Site:

Propane Gas

Hydrogas Corp.                        Phone: (512) 756-4285

1742 W. Hwy 29

Burnet, Tx

P&R Butane/Propane            Phone: (512)259-4710

14251 W. Hwy. 29

Liberty, Hill Tx

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Cable Service

Time Warner Cable                 Phone: 800-418-8848

Web Site:


Web Site: www.exede.com

SOS Communications                    Phone:  512-897-1860

Web Site:  soscomm.com

Telephone Providers    


 Installation                               Phone:800-483-4000

 Billing:                                        Phone: 800-483-3000

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Time Warner Cable                Phone: 800-418-8848

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              Bertram Utility Dept.            

                         Phone:(512) 355-2197   

                Provides - Water, Sewage, and Garbage

                   for Residents of the City of Bertram

"The City of Bertram is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

110 East Vaughan St.  P.O. Box 1604   Bertram, Tx  78605   PH (512) 355-2197     FX (512) 355-3182